General Manager

Ronnie Hull


President:  Otis Smith
1st Vice President: 
Billy Lawrence
2nd Vice President: 
James Evans
Bill Johnson
Asst. Treasurer: 
Bill Rentz
Dr. Sharon Tighe
Past President: 
Mike Mancinik


Michelle Chaves
David Griffis
Leanne Hansard
Lenton Fidler
David Luznar
J. Daniel Peterson
Danny Pope
Wade Roach

Trustee Directors

Doris Daugharty
Jimmy Harrell
Patricia Shutts
Cindy Till

Company Overview

The Volusia County Fair and Youth Show is a service of the Volusia County Fair Association, Inc., which is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors who are nominated for membership.

Our Mission

The Volusia County Fair & Youth Show, founded in 1923, provides a place for youth to learn and show their livestock products; residents of Volusia County are encouraged to participate in art, photography, music, agriculture, horticulture, home and craft projects. The fair gives students an opportunity to showcase their talents while competing for awards.

2020 Board of Directors

Honorary Directors

Bill Hester
Bill Johnson
Shirley Martin
Gerald Stilling
Doug Weaver