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AgVenture is an interactive and educational area for children of all ages.

Great American

Petting Zoo

Ours is a very different kind of petting zoo.  There are absolutely no barriers once inside the enclosure.  All of the animals run freely with the public, and everyone loves it!  Each and every one of our friendly animals is hand-raised at our farm

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

Disc Connected K9's
Trainer Lawrence Frederick started out playing in human Frisbee competitions until he discovered the disc dog world in 1991. Now, not only are Lawrence and his team of incredible dogs the most widely recognized Frisbee Dog Team in the world

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 


Max Power & Nitro Robot

Max Power is a larger than life robot.  He is also sporting around the fairgrounds in a sweet monster truck

Pat Boone
Singer, actor, TV host, producer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker, TV pitchman, radio personality, record company head, TV station owner, sports team owner, family man, humanitarian, a man unafraid to air his views. A lot of Pat Boone's from which to pick and choose. A lot of Pat Boone's to go around. Right now, Boone - the #10 all time top recording artist, according to music industry bible, Billboard - is the Lion in Winter, five decades of recording history behind him and a busy future ahead.

Extreme Illusions & Escapes

Experience a show that leaves audiences breathless and bewildered.

Incredible memories are made as audience members star in the show by taking part in some of the large illusions and escapes.

Witness the impossible as Josh & Lea perform some of the most unique illusions on tour today.

Prepare to be amazed by some unbelievable and death defying escapes.

Laugh out loud, hilarious moments with audience participation throughout the entire show.

Be inspired to see the magic that is all around you in your everyday life.

Gaggle Group

Veteran's Day Fly Over 

While Dennis Lee Sings National Anthem as a tribute to our Armed Forces on Veteran's Day the Spruce Creek Gaggle Group executes a fly over with smoke in their Experimental aircraft.

SATURDAY - November 11, 2017 ​- 8:00 P.M.

High Valley
Country fans are no strangers to the uncanny musical connection of a family band, but they’ve never heard anything like the duo High Valley – and that’s simply because brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel never knew how country was “supposed” to sound.
 While their upbringing didn't exactly acquaint them with the Billboard 100, it’s that insulation that helped cement their musical ideals and love of simple, classic country, allowing High Valley’s music to feel simultaneously fresh and timeless. Dear Life, their recently released major label debut on Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville, is an album that fuses tradition with wide-eyed musical exploration, stays true to their family-first value system and celebrates resilient positivity.
High Valley learned to become skilled digital citizens, building an avid fan base that is actively involved in selecting the duo’s songs through the High Valley app and connecting with each other via social media. As a result, they have amassed more than 43 million song streams worldwide – including 22 million for first single “Make You Mine.”
Likewise, they are the first country act to broadcast live on Twitch.TV in the United States and their song “Young Forever” scored placement on EA Sports’ Madden NFL 17 Soundtrack. The band has been selected for “Ones to Watch” recognition by Rolling Stone Country, Spotify, Pandora, CMT and Taste of Country and they have been profiled on CBS This Morning for their unique and inspiring story and performed on NBC’s Today Show.
The Rempel brothers have already scored six Top 10s, three Gold certifications, played to 15,000 seat arenas opening for Shania Twain and earned multiple awards show wins – including Canadian CMA Group of the Year. And now with their major label debut, a fall tour with Martina McBride and a headlining U.K.

SENIOR DAY - November 7, 2017 ​- 3:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M.

Sally Ann America's Country Darlin Strolling Act

Sally Ann, America's Country Darlin’ has been performing and
providing musical entertainment since 1981! She along with her
sister, Sadie May and niece, Sara Jane, grew up in a rural country
environment with a family of musicians.
Sally Ann plays the fiddle and dances as well as other instruments,
Sadie May plays guitar and banjo. Sara Jane, Sadie’s daughter, plays
guitar and bass. These Country Darlins provide down home fun
entertainment with their pickin’ & grinnin’. They love to invite the
kids & adults to partake in the fun!

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

Hansen's Spectacular Acrobatic Sensation

An Amazing family thrill show with aerial acts over 30 feet hight!
High speed juggling by Shane Hansen
One of the youngest aerial stars, 8 year old Madison
Modern style cube spinning display
Trampoline all stars with the entire Hansen family, featuring 4 year old Ella.
Alecia Michelle, performing over 30 feet in the air on the aerial cloud swing.
Hula Hoop Star Madison


Jessie "Monkey Man"


Greetings! My name is Jesse Moore a.k.a. “Monkey-man Moore.” I’m twenty-three years old and I am an entertainer with my five capuchin monkeys. We do organ grinding, commercials, movies, pictures for ads, birthday parties, educational shows (education through entertainment), circus acts, corporate events, fairs, festivals and carnivals. I have worked with capuchin monkeys for over seven years. My monkeys are my life companions. What I do is my passion and I love to educate people about the monkeys. I enjoy working with people of all ages and putting a big smile on their faces! It’s a very rewarding thing. Let my monkey family and I bring smiles and laughter!

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

Dennis Lee
Dennis' impromptu wit and incredible singing voice has taken him from a rural upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee to show time success. Early in his childhood, Dennis earned attention by standing out in the crowd.

Dennis' road to success is paved with entertainment-related opportunities including a disc jockey; Graceland tour guide, Ronald McDonald presentations; and a sad-faced clown fondly known as "Denny the Clown".

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

VETERAN'S DAY - November 10, 2017 ​- 5:00 P.M.

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017 

Johnny Reed 

Foley Band

Johnny has a very distinct vocal that can be heard every time he stands in front of the mic. A clear tone with a coating of his southern accent, makes an authentic and genuine combination. You can feel the passion in his voice for each song. There have been countless vocalist that have graced the radio airways over the years and Johnny will no doubt be one of them to do so in the coming months.

Antique Tractor Parade & Deland High School Marching Band

Antigue Tractor Parade

The Antique Tractor Parade is a Volusia County Fair tradition that runs through out the midway, with vintage tractors that  span to the early 1900's.  Come and see the Antique Tractor Display, Old Gas Station and History Galore inside the Old Plantation, along with the Old Country Store with popcorn, hard candy and more memory invoking pleasures of your youth and going into the Old Country Store for that experience 

The Deland High School Marching Band

The DeLand High School Marching Band is a highly-acclaimed ensemble, composed of wind, percussion, and color guard members. The program boasts a rich and colorful history. John J. Heney, a percussionist in the John Phillip Sousa Band, founded the band in 1935. Since the band’s inception, literally thousands of students have been able to call themselves Marching Bulldogs

Weekends - November 3 & 4, 2017 - 4 P.M.

November 11 & 12, 2017 - 4 P.M.

SATURDAY - November 4, 2017 ​- 6:00 P.M.

Agri - Puppets
Agri-Puppets is fun family puppet show that teaches the importance of farming, animals and agriculture.
Join the puppet cast with sing-alongs, identifying animals, popping bubbles, answering questions and more.

Agri-Puppets is the name, fun is our game!

Kandu Magic Show

The Kandu Magic Show has traveled nationwide entertaining family audiences performing at conventions, fairs, festivals, with symphony orchestras, and even at a zoo!  Kandu and Jill The Music Lady incorporating live music, sound effects, sight gags, slapstick comedy and audience participation.  Just to give fairgoers that extra entertainment, Kandu has brought along his Wild & Wacky Game Show.  This fun packed show pick all contestants from the audience and involved games with hula hoops, balloons, balls,  buckets, butterfly nets and even plungers!

DAILY - November 2-12, 2017